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Welcome to Goldfields DX Amateur Radio Group web site located in Dunolly, Victoria Australia

There are no fee's or in person club meeting for this group. Our AIM'S are to encourage all to obtain DXCC and obtain other operating skills as TRUE HAM's have done in past.

Their will be no "committee" as such and the site will be controlled by 2 administrative people only. All question's to vk3pa via the online form.

From time to time BBQ෩ll be held at a QTH in Dunolly, Victoria Australia.

This type of GROUP will no doubt be a NEW form of Amateur radio group meeting on the INTERNET rather than being committed to boring club type meetings where nothing is done, but a lot of rubbish about nothing.

Here we can pass information about what is happening as it happens. Technical and operating articles will appear from time to time and if required a news letter can be bulked out via e-mail, who really needs the old "go to a radio club meeting" when it can happen on the INTERNET.

Even more can be done on with the FOURMS, so be MODERN lets get the FIRST electronic RADIO GROUP up and running, as it is the clubs belief that it is wasting money with club room rent and insurance, so our only need is to join our FEDERAL Body, here in VKland the WIA.

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(Note:- cgfar.com is a registered domain name of D. Greening)

Please welcome our newest forum member: VK3DCX

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